Catching Pikachu and Other Tips & Tricks

If you are addicted to Pokemon Go, as is the case with millions of people across the globe, you would want some help with tips and tricks to become a master of the game and show off to your friends and colleagues. It is literally a war zone out there with the entire social media paying attention towards Pokemon Go. You can check out PokeStops, go to PokeGyms and catch rare Pokemon. But what is it that you require for that extra edge? Here are some of the sure shot tips and tricks to get quick success in Pokemon Go on your Android or iOS handsets.

  1. Concentrate on PokeBall bonuses – The game offers you with an option to get Double XP or more points by throwing the PokeBall certain ways to capture the various Pokemon. You could practice your throws and once you get better at it, activate a Lucky Egg to increase XP and then try and capture the characters. This will help you level up faster than normal. Hitting a curve ball is the best way to get more XP and in no time you will be scoring bonuses with those special throws.
  2. Move with a diverse team – Pokemon Go is all about making and implementing strategies due to its real-time multiplayer nature. If you have a team that you travel to various PokeStops with, do not just limit your gameplay to them. Try and pick other diverse teams that may have items and Pokemon that are different from yours. This helps create an opportunity to take turns while taking over other players’ gyms and stops. Diversity and variety are important components of the game and must be maintained to give yourself the extra edge when it comes to going up levels in the trainer mode.
  3. Catch ‘Pikachu’ as the starter Pokemon – ‘Pikachu’ is undoubtedly the most popular Pokemon among all, mostly due to his proximity to Ash, the trainer. We have a nifty tip to make sure ‘Pikachu’ is your starter Pokemon for the game. Sign up—as usual—for the game on your smartphone. A professor prompts you to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander as the starter Pokemon. Instead, ignore the prompt and walk away in real life. Your phone will vibrate and the 3 default starters will appear once again. Repeat this at least 4-5 times and Pikachu will then appear as a choice.
  4. Avoid the AR Camera – Pokemon Go is by default made for augmented reality and is meant to use your rear camera to modify your current real-life locations. If you use the AR mode, with the camera switched on, you are instead going to have a tough time catching up with all the Pokemon around you. You will have to look all around you when walking and your field of sight will be reduced substantially. Instead, switch off the AR mode and go into the wider satellite view. This enables you to easily spot PokeStops and help preserve your precious PokeBalls in the process.
  5. Don’t discard duplicates – Pokemon Go is based on a realistic scenario so it involves setting up different variety of Pokemon around their matching geographical locations. This means that water Pokemon will be found near lakes and ponds, grass Pokemon near parks and so on. This increases the probability of catching similar Pokemon when you travel in the same areas. Do not discard duplicate Pokemon even if you don’t need them. Instead, the extra Pokemon can later be traded off with the Professor in exchange for candy, which helps improve the performance of your best Pokemon and lets them evolve faster.
  6. Purchase more items if possible – Pokemon Go is a free to download game and involves in-app purchases. Allowing players to spend real money, Pokemon Go enables users to purchase in-game PokeCoins and accessories that they wouldn’t want to collect by putting in the extra effort. These PokeCoins can then be used to purchase other accessories or items that are usable in the game. For instance, 20 new PokeBalls are available for 100 PokeCoins and so on. Even items like Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules and Bag Upgrades can be purchased via the Shop.
  7. Keep your device charged – Pokemon Go is best played when you are on the go. And staying on the go with cellular networks and GPS signals switched on, isn’t generally the best for your smartphone’s battery. Since the game requires you to always have it open, while accessing 4G, GPS, your rear camera and a lot more, the Nintendo app will suck even the best of batteries down to the marrow in less than an hour. To keep your game moving 24×7, we recommend you get yourselves a decently sized portable charger or power bank that you can use to charge it when you don’t have access to a wall socket. Your best bet would be power banks from OnePlus and Xiaomi. Available in capacities from 5,200 mAh to 16,000 mAh, these power banks are enough to handle your battery usage while you are indulging in your Pokemon nostalgia.
  8. Save precious data with Offline maps – Pokemon Go uses Google as a client to pull up maps for the game’s real-time functions. Recently, Google Maps introduced Offline Maps that you can download for your home city or area. If you have downloaded the offline maps, the game can efficiently sync to them and avoid using your cellular data to regularly update the positioning with the help of newer online refreshes. If you haven’t yet downloaded Offline Maps on your device, you can go into the Maps app and select the Settings option in the left menu. Click on Offline Areas and download whatever area you wish to, provided it is present in the list.

Hope you liked these few tips and tricks for helping you achieve success in Pokemon Go. Do give us feedback in the comment section below.